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HM Slaves are Pokémon used for the sole purpose of using HM moves when other Pokémon can't learn them, or they are unwanted in a Pokémon's moveset. Chuggaaconroy has used several of these in his Let's Plays.

Pokémon FireRed


Diglett using Cut in Vermilion City.

Diglett was caught in Episode 11. She was used for Cut, as well as Dig. She was no longer used after Slave was obtained.


Slave using Cut on Route 16.

Slave was caught in Episode 12. He is a Paras and was used for Cut and Flash. He received his name in Episode 17.

Slave's other moves are Scratch and Stun Spore.

In Episode 22 he was used to fight Koga's Weezing but was KO'ed before he had a chance to do anything.

Slave Mk 2

Slave Mk 2 using Waterfall in Icefall Cave.

Slave Mk 2 was caught in Episode 44. It is a Tentacool and was used for Waterfall.

Pokémon Crystal

Pokémon Emerald