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This is a list of episodes from the Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness Let's Play.


# Title Uploaded Runtime Description
1 Best Starter Ever February 8th, 2014 19 minutes, 20 seconds Our sixth-first Pokémon, even though it's the fifth game!
2 Krane Flies February 9th, 2014 13 minutes, 37 seconds We return to the Pokémon HQ Lab with our little sister, but some things go wrong.
3 Eeveelution February 10th, 2014 23 minutes, 29 seconds We find an expert on Eevee, but hardly an expert on running shops...
4 Krabby Club February 11th, 2014 20 minutes, 51 seconds We return to Gateon Port to meet the people, and even discover some dark secrets!
5 Leveling Down February 12th, 2014 23 minutes, 53 seconds We visit Agate Village in search of a mythical trainer who can help us!
6 Tedium Given Form February 13th, 2014 15 minutes, 44 seconds We return to everyone's least favorite piece of geography!
7 Hexagon Brothers February 15th, 2014 16 minutes, 52 seconds We fight the usual incompetent bad guys!
8 Lowly Peons February 16th, 2014 23 minutes, 50 seconds We fight the low level minions to get deep into the lab!
9 Carvanha Marauder February 17th, 2014 19 minutes, 49 seconds We hunt for whereabouts of Professor Krane as we fight Cipher!
10 That's so Lovrina February 18th, 2014 19 minutes, 28 seconds We make our daring escape!
11 Pyrite King February 19th, 2014 22 minutes, 26 seconds We head out to Pyrite Town to look for Nett!
12 Poké Spotter February 20th, 2014 16 minutes, 54 seconds We go 'round the PokéSpots and catch something most unusual!
13 Spot Monster February 21st, 2014 23 minutes, 58 seconds We meet the greatest antagonist of Pokémon... THE SPOT MONITOR!!
14 Tower Takeover February 22nd, 2014 16 minutes We get higher in the ONBS Tower! Seems like no matter who is using this building, it has tons of battles.
15 Security Nett February 23rd, 2014 14 minutes, 42 seconds We fight the source of the problem to rescue Megg!
16 Realgam Game February 25th, 2014 23 minutes, 7 seconds We get sent away to a place of fun and merriment while Phenac is in danger!
17 Battle City February 27th, 2014 16 minutes, 35 seconds We have an absurd number of required trainer battles in this town! Let's blaze through them!
18 Just Justice Justy February 28th, 2014 15 minutes, 52 seconds We take on an imposter of Justy after having beaten his six impostors!
19 Colostadium March 1st, 2014 14 minutes, 53 seconds We enter the stadium! Not colosseum, but stadium.
20 Snattle's Battles March 2nd, 2014 13 minutes, 27 seconds We fight Snattle at long last with no break between fights!
21 Farewell Phenac March 4th, 2014 15 minutes, 57 seconds We finally finish up our business in Phenac at long last and head out to bigger and better things!