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Full Name Mario
First Appearance Paper Mario (2008)
Latest Appearance Mario Party 4 (2014)
Species Human
Used by Chuggaaconroy

Mario is the main character of the Mario franchise and is a playable character in nearly every game.


Paper Mario[]

Mario is the main protagonist and playable character in Paper Mario.

He goes to Peach's castle for a party with his brother Luigi, when Bowser crashes the party, kidnapping Peach and lifting her castle into the sky. Due to his invincibility through the magical Star Rod, with the power to grant wishes, Mario is defeated and crashes back down in Goomba Village.

Mario goes to rescue the princess from Bowser with the help of Goombario, Kooper, Bombette, Parakarry, Bow, Watt, Sushie, and Lakilester along the way.

Eventually, Mario reaches Bowser's Castle, and with the help of the Star Spirits, Twink, and Princess Peach, disables Bowser's invincibility and defeats him, reclaiming the Star Rod and restoring peace to the Mushroom Kingdom.

Super Mario RPG[]

Mario is the main protagonist and playable character in Super Mario RPG.


Title Role Let's Play
Paper Mario Playable 2008
Super Mario RPG Playable 2008
Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door Playable 2009
Super Mario Sunshine Playable 2009
Super Luigi Galaxy Cameo 2010
Mario Party Playable 2011
New Super Mario Bros. Wii Playable 2011
Luigi's Mansion Non-Playable 2011
Super Smash Bros. Playable 2011
Mario Kart 64 Playable 2011
Super Smash Bros. Brawl Playable 2011
Mario Party 2 Playable 2012
Super Paper Mario Playable 2012
Mario Power Tennis Playable 2012
Fortune Street Playable 2012
New Super Mario Bros. 2 Playable 2012
Mario Kart: Double Dash!! Playable 2013
New Super Mario Bros. U Playable 2013
Super Mario 64 DS Playable 2013
Mario Party 3 Playable 2013
Mario Party 4 Playable 2014


Trophies and Stickers[]

# Name Image Appearance(s) Description
1 Mario BrawlTrophy001.png NES Donkey Kong
NES Super Mario Bros.
A familiar overall-clad figure who is Nintendo's flagship character. His courage and jumping ability have seen him through countless adventures. He's a multitalented plumber with the knowledge of a physician, a top-notch golfer, and a veteran tennis umpire. Is his jumping prowess a boon from his girder-climbing days?
2 Mario Finale BrawlTrophy002.png WII Super Smash Bros. Brawl Mario with a Smash Ball, unleashing his ultimate attack. The twin dragons of flame he releases wallop all characters in range. The flames spread up and down, so it's best to release them from the edge of the screen at an appropriate height. His flaming eyes are proof of his excitement for this explosive attack.
146 Striker Mario BrawlTrophy146.png GCN Super Mario Strikers
WII Mario Strikers Charged
A team captain in Super Mario Strikers, which features combat- style soccer that allows fighting and items. Mario proves to be a great all-around player, well balanced on offense and defense, and he wields a critical shot--the Mega Strike--that can chalk up a maximum of six goals! Mario is easily identified by the "M" marks on his spikes.
148 Paper Mario BrawlTrophy148.png WII Super Paper Mario A legendary hero whose adventure unfolds when he sets out to rescue Princess Peach from the nefarious clutches of Count Bleck. He has the ability to flip the world from 2-D to 3-D and back again. If he grabs a Mega Star, he'll transform into a pixelated giant Mario. In this state, he's invulnerable and capable of stomping through enemies and obstacles with ease.
Image Game Effect
MarioLuigiMLSS.jpg Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga [Flame] - Resistance +19
Usable by: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser
MarioYoshiSMS.jpeg Super Mario Sunshine [Specials: Indirect] - Attack +13
Usable by: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser
MarioMKDS.png Mario Kart DS [Leg] - Attack +22
Usable by: Mario, Luigi, Yoshi, Peach, Bowser
MarioMSB.png Mario Superstar Baseball Carry Home-Run Bat
MarioPMTTYD.png Paper Mario: The Thousand-Year Door [Electric] - Attack +20
MarioSMB3.png Super Mario Bros. 3 Flinch Resistance +112