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Meow Mix
Meow Mix evolving into Persian
Debuts in Episode 9
Caught at Route 5
Evolves in Episode 19
Gender Male
Ability Limber
Pickup (as Meowth)
Nature Relaxed
Meowth Persian
This Pokémon spent 10 episodes as Meowth.

Meow Mix is Emile's third Pokémon in Pokémon FireRed. He started off as a Meowth and later evolved into Persian. He received his name in Episode 17.


Move Learned In
Scratch Episode 9
Growl Episode 9
Bite Episode 9
Pay Day Episode 10
Screech * Episode 22
Toxic * Episode 25
Return Episode 35
Slash * Episode 38
Fake Out * Episode 52
A * indicates that this move was in
Meow Mix's final moveset.