Chuggaaconroy Wiki
Voltaire evolving into Jolteon
Debuts in Episode 1: Best Starter Ever
Caught at Starter
Evolves in Episode 3: Eeveelution
Gender Male
Ability Unknown
Nature Timid
Eevee Jolteon
This Pokémon spent 3 episodes as Eevee.

Voltaire is Michael's starter Pokémon in Pokémon XD: Gale of Darkness. He started off as an Eevee and was later evolved into Jolteon. An early joke in the Let's Play is his flashy Tackle animation as an Eevee. He received his name in Episode 6. He was named after a former friend of Chuggaaconroy.

Voltaire is the fourth member of the Eevee family used by Chuggaaconroy, being preceded by Vui, Saikou, and Baggage.


Move Learned In
Tackle * Episode 1: Best Starter Ever
Tail Whip Episode 1: Best Starter Ever
Bite * Episode 1: Best Starter Ever
Sand-Attack * Episode 1: Best Starter Ever
Thunder Wave * Episode 5: Leveling Down
A * indicates that this move was in
Voltaire's final moveset.